November 24, 2020



Specialty Health Organizations — from dental, vision and behavioral health services to chiropractic care, pharmacy benefit management and other ancillaries –play a crucial role in U.S. healthcare delivery by augmenting traditional plans with focused clinical expertise. As this role expanded, only ONE trade association endeavored to represent the unique nature of specialty health organizations.

The National Association of Specialty Health Organizations (NASHO), with 30 member organizations that provide access to quality specialty health services to over 175 million Americans, serves its constituency as the recognized, collective voice of specialty health. We work tirelessly to advocate the value of specialty health to legislators, regulators, employers, insurers, medical providers and individuals. We invite you to join NASHO to help advance the position, visibility and awareness of specialty health organizations and their essential role in the delivery of health care nationwide. Click here for more information.



The Physical Medicine Management Alliance (PMMA) is a NASHO Committee that consists of members representing physical medicine network management associations including, but not limited to, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Podiatry, Speech Therapy, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. PMMA members believe in the value of physical medicine and its demonstrated efficacy in delivering quality outcomes. PMMA advocates for the vital role that management organizations play in that delivery process by promoting access and enhancing choice. PMMA members focus on spreading this value message through: high-level advocacy on the Hill, grassroots and social media marketing, industry articles, white papers, speaking opportunities and other pipelines. Click here for more information.


The Hearing Network Alliance (HNA) is a NASHO Council that brings together senior leaders of hearing health networks. The Hearing Network Alliance (HNA) was created at the January 2011 Board Meeting of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations with five founding members. HNA members share a common belief that hearing services are essential to good health and consumer quality of life. HNA is an organization of network based hearing organizations dedicated to increasing access to hearing health benefits and services. HNA and its member organizations work closely with health plans, employers and insurance organizations to improve access to hearing aid benefits and services. Our members share a common interest in conveying the value of hearing and hearing health care as a health benefit, and we offer efficient products and networks that enable better consumer access to these services. Click here for more information.